This one is for the body of Christ, the Church!

Christ said He will build His church and nothing can stand against it. Its funny how He didn’t say “build your ministry” , He said He will build His church. But since the church is a ‘Body’ of Christ, your ministry falls part of that. We are to focus on our ministry and forget the corporate movement which is the CHURCH because that is what is being built and your ministry is part of it (its not IT, its part of IT). I do not have to understand every ministry in the body of Christ, as long as the ministry is part of the corporate vision of the Church then its all good. Why I write this? There’s people who look down or even try to destroy urban ministry (not traditional ministry) or even claim its not of God all because they don’t understand it. Christ is building the church not you! He called and chose what is needed to continue the vision of His church. As a body, each ligament needs each other to move forward. So whether God has called you to minister in Art, Dance, RnB, TV, Radio, House, HipHop, Fashion or wherever it is, as long as Christ called you and its under the corporate Church vision, I support you! #MawatMondae

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