All the abilities you have, everything you are, your personality and capabilities. All this is from God, you were born like that, you didn’t choose to be like that. Out of the 7Billion people on earth, none has the same finger, eye and footprint. So there’s only one of you, God looked at the earth and saw it was missing you, and made you the way you are. He looked as His will and made you to be part of its fulfilment. So why force to be another person? You will never be the next person, no matter how many Louis bags you have, you will never be him! The world and media is trying to feed us a character to be like, but God is saying you are you, and i made you to be you! If you are in a situation where you can’t be fully you, you always frustrated (like a job you don’t like) but as soon as you do what you love, what naturally comes to you, the world looks fulfilling. Yes, some people won’t like you, they want you to be someone who relates close to who they are, which is impossible. Just be you, whether they like it or not, exercise your abilities to their fullest, accept your personality and live it to the highest! For being you, brings God glory!

Happy #MawatMondae

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