The woman had an issue of blood, she spent all her money trying to fix it. She went to the specialists, used up all she had to fix her situation. For 12 years she kept trying and trying but nothing happened, its seemed that since she had no more money to continue, she was left for dead. The moment she encountered Jesus, the minute she relied on Him instead of herself, instantly she was healed.

This is many of us today, we have been trying in and out for years by ourselves, trying to figure out this life using our own strength. We have now owned something that we never made in the first place, LIFE. We didn’t look at the earth, then realised that we are needed here and came down to earth, did we? God looked at earth, saw something missing / something needed to be fulfilled on earth, then created you. He who created you, is still He who sustains you. When you rely on your own strength and power, you short live your life for its lived according to your understanding and supply. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it (Matthew16:25)

No matter what it is, Let go and Let God!


Happy #MawatMondae

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