Mark 10:43 “Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must….”

Being great is not by accident, you need to desire it. It just doesn’t come upon you, if you don’t want it or desire it then forget becoming great. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson etc.. these men desired and believed in their greatness, that even when their dreams fell to their ground, their desire and belief brought back their dreams and making them great people. God has already placed everything you need to become great, all you gotta do is want it and it will then come alive within you. But it is all on you, not God!!!

When you desire/want it, everything in your life is directed to becoming great! The choices you make, the people you hang with, how you spend your time, how you use money all this becomes directed by the want of becoming great!!! Sitting behind of a desk and dreaming of it will not make it come alive, that is like sitting in the garage and dreaming of a Range Rover. If you want it, God is saying ; “come and get it!”(James 4:8 – Come near to God and He will come near to you) Are you ready for greatness? Are you ready to change friends? Are you ready to lose it all so you can win it all?

Want/Desire greatness today and surely you shall receive it!!!

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