Who Said you Cant?

Show me that person and I will show you your excuse for not being great! We use everything to make excuses for not being great, yet we have everything we need to be great (and being great doesn’t need money, its faith). We even use pain caused to us, if we really think about it; the people you caused pain to (whether its that guy/girl you said no to, that kid who cried when you didn’t give them the toy) are living their lives and have gotten over the pain. So how can you use pain as the barrier? Whilst the clock keeps ticking we keep making excuses for ourselves, then hate the people who don’t make the excuses but choose to be great and accept greatness. This brings me to 1 conclusion, people’s real fear is becoming who they are meant to be: SUCCESSFUL!!

Its a #MawatMondae , choose to be great, accept success, its right here waiting for you!

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