Expose yourself! Moses or even the Israelite slaves didn’t know who he truly was.We live under a rock, and that rock was placed upon us by the evil society. People do not want to portray who they truly are; everyone is hiding behind an acceptable character.

We all want to be loved and relevant, so in this seek; we just hide behind a character that people around us accept. We are truly diamonds; we shine differently in different light exposures. When we with this crowd, we different, when we with that crowd we take another personality or character.

The fear of being rejected has tormented us for far too long, as like Moses did; show yourself and only then God will use you. For His purpose for you on earth is for you, not a “wanna-be”.

When we turn off the lights, cameras and remove everyone around you, who would we see? Choose to be you not another person, forget cloning society! The implementation of your purpose starts when you rebel against society and choose to be who you are! #REBIRTH


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