Envy- u cannot fulfill God’s purpose for your life if u envy. Envy is a trap,its 1 of the time-wasting techniques of the devil. Its a futile exercise that brings u only emotional hurt, disappointment, n fear.When u live in wanting what others have,u will fear that your life won’t be successful/future ain’t bright.So u will b basically living other people’s lives not yours, but u were not made for their lives,so u can never peacefully fit in their lives,u will always try to prove yourself n have something to live up 2 rather than something 2 live 4.

Look,we r made in God’s image,so its only natural for us 2 be attracted to each other’s lives,Coz God is but when u want to live their life,u neglecting what God planned for you. 1st u gotta know that the Lord made you for a purpose,not for a clone of someone else is purpose.So when u envy the next person,u r saying God I want to be like dat not like how u made me,u failed with me,that 1 is better than me,n I want 2 be like that not what u made!Da truth is no 1 cn b better than u,coz u r the only u,if we compare each other 2 each other its like oranges vs apples, incomparable.

Thy shall not Covet…That is: thy shall not wish 4 other people’s things/lives when u do not understand your purpose n who u r, u will engage in time wasting techniques,like ENVY,spending hours online watching n updating yourself about other people’s lives.What about yours? God gave u those hours 2 spend on accomplishing your purpose on earth.Imagine if Jesus spent hours in da synagogue watching the lives of the Pharisees,who would have healed all those people outside.Ur purpose is way more important.

So stop being envious,start celebrating God’s goodness to others,being grateful 4 your life n what u have,no more comparing yourself 2 others,trust God even when it seems unfair,breath it all out n enjoy the Life God has 4 you,its beautiful just look around!

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