DeZemba is upon us, and the below message ties very strongly with the season and its offerings..

It’s vital to know the times and know what to do in them In order to remain who you truly are. When you stand the test of time, u remain you throughout the times. Phela times come with new behaviours, new culture, new lifestyles but don’t get sold into them…coz when times changes u r irrelevant to the new times. You be gone with the wind, gone with the times…so hate on me, I may not be relevant to you, but I wanna remain me n stand the test of time…wena get tatted up,twerk,b da playa, party hard, pierce your whole body, have a sex change, have plastic surgery, be the world famous nobody, social media celebrity,we will see you after 10 years!

Sms IPRAISEGOD to 35228 (R3 cost only)

Instagram: @mawathsk

Facebook: Mawat

Twitter: @mawathsk


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