God is so amazing. He looked at the earth, He wanted to do something on it and that thing must be done at a specific time

Then He made a person to fulfill that thing. He placed it within him, the person wont sleep, life wont feel fulfilled, this (GOD) vision will haunt him, its like he has a burden on him that wont be removed
Only if he knew that the dream/vision in Him is what God placed in him to complete on earth during his time on earth (So you are born at the right time)

It is only when you start living or accomplishing that thing will your life feel fulfilled. So your purpose on earth is to complete the vision He placed in you.

But God places the success of that vision in other people. Every successful person had a person open a door to their success. God places the keys to unlock that vision in other people
That is why Jesus told us the most important commands : Love the Lord your God with all of you , Love your neighbor…These two commands are the key essentials in fulfilling your purpose

Happy #MawatMondae

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