Hey whats up there, as you know Link Fm and I have started a new partnership. I , Mawat, have a segment on their hiphop youth show on Tuesday 7:30pm – Youthology. Make sure you check it out, great music and info like how real radio supposed to be!!!


East London 97.1 Fm

;Kings William Town 92.1 Fm

; DSTV channel 875

or simply listen online at www.linkfm.co.za


But if you missed last week’s show, be sure to check it out here (and you can download it for free)



Woh I love your blog posts, bookmarked! .

Apologies for the delay. We in the journey of revamping the website, for my blog posts please check out http://mawatonline.blogspot.co.za/

You can also follow on my Facebook Page: mawat


Sites of interest we’ve a link to.

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