No Other Way REBIRTH is Mawat’s 4th solo release and an 8 tracked EP which became available nationwide on the 8th of December 2014. A follow up to his 2014 mixtape titled NO OTHER WAY, N.O.W REBIRTH is Mawat’s lyrical and instrumental masterpiece. REBIRTH stays true to Mawat’s Kingdom Rap Turn-Up using banging beats, hard bases and synths, as well as catchy hooks that will have you singing along to every track. REBIRTH features the vocal talents of San Fusi in LIVING MY LIFE, YHWH Steward in AMAGUGU and Maraza in DREAMING OF HIM. These features transcend the EP from a classic Hip-Hop project to that of a rare piece of art fusing mellow ballads, slow jams, crunk beats with Christ-centered lyricism. Mawat plans to shoot music videos for 5 of the 8 tracks on the REBIRTH EP. With DREAMING OF HIM already flight on 1Gospel and I PRAISE GOD premiering on the 27th of March on SABC 1, Mawat will be a regular face on the small screens and a regular voice on the airwaves.

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