Okay I have been nominated by Andiswa Khulu for this challenge. This is a hectic one, hope I don’t chase away people when they see this. Lets go:

  1. I Love the Lord Jesus Christ (obviously)
  2. The bible is my life
  3. I love my Family and loved ones. I continually ponder on how i can make their lives better even further than mine, its my life cross.
  4. Always seeking for an innovative way to doing things (maybe I’m looking for short cuts..lol)
  5. I’m a people’s person (ngiphaphile sometimes, lol) , but i still like my own living space haha, but I’m no celebrity, I am so down to earth its real.
  6. Love music, good substance driven music
  7. Love empowering others, leaving a mark on people’s lives (whether face to face talks, on stage, or even making music of that nature)
  8. Very shy to new people I meet
  9. I am very funny (at least the people I make laugh, think so )
  10. I don’t like raising my voice, I just focus on improving my argument
  11. I love a good time with people I know
  12. Durban is my hometown, Inanda  / Ezimangweni is my kasi.
  13. I love Change but hate the initial feeling it brings, its the end goal of change that attracts me to it
  14. I’m not goal driven, career driven, I’m just purpose driven
  15. I hate the system of the world, I see it as modern slavery (I believe there’s more to life than what a handful of people are telling us)
  16. I can’t stomach negativity
  17. I love looking and smelling good (new love is suits, GQ swagg)
  18. I can cook, clean and wash (perfectly in that order)
  19. I am a dreamer and a strong believer,I believe that #BLESSED album will not only be the biggest album in 2015 but change a lot of lives. Even your life, get ready…stay tuned to www.mawat.co.za for greater things.

If you think you know me, please tell me 1 things about me, that would be the 20th thing about me.

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